Terms & Conditions

  • The age of the children attending LNSP is from 0 to 5 years & 11 months old only.
  • For insurance purposes all members and visitors MUST sign in with a valid membership at the point of entry. This register is located in the playroom on the right hand side.
  • Parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times within the centre, and LNSP takes no responsibility for any incident which may occur at or around the centre.
  • When the centre is closed (during opening hours only), the key can be obtained from JT Supermarket upon production of a valid LNSP membership card or five trip member card.
  • When opening the centre please ensure the key is stowed by the membership sign in register.
  • When you are the last person at the centre ensure the centre is fully locked and the key is returned to JT Supermarket.
  • We instil a “tidy up” principle, before leaving the centre please tidy up toys, equipment and rubbish (even if you are not the last one there). It is unfair to leave the last member to tidy up all toys.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the premises.
  • You agree to support the centre in ensuring people who are first time visitors, five trip members or calendar year members are the only visitors. Non-members are not welcome to use the facilities.
  • You agree to support the volunteer committee in the running of this not for profit play centre where possible.
  • It is a member’s responsibility to adhere to the Terms & Conditions. If you do not adhere to them your membership access to LNSP maybe revoked.
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