12 Month LNSP Membership

$140.00 / year

This pass entitles your family access to Little Nicholson Play Centre for 12 months. Please ensure you read all of the terms and conditions of membership and entry prior to purchasing.




12 Month Access Pass to use the LNSP facilities, as well as receive discounted birthday parties


  1. Our Terms and Conditions for membership have been updated to include:
    1. For insurance purposes all members and visitors MUST sign in with a valid membership at the point of entry. This register is located in the playroom on the right hand side.
    2. You agree to support the centre in ensuring people who are first time visitors, five trip members or calendar year members are the only visitors. Non-members are not welcome to use the centre’s facilities.
    3. You agree to support the volunteer committee in the running of this not for profit play centre where possible.
  2. The Terms & Conditions have now been integrated into all registrations and need to be individually ticked when applying for membership online.
  3. We will continue to audit the sign in register to cross check the correct member number and/or 5 trip numbers are being used.
  4. We will audit all 5 trip passes to track number of visits.
  5. The committee will create a roster for auditing all visitors when they are at the centre, cross checking against the register.
    A no tolerance policy for those who attend for free – they will be asked to leave.
  6. New signage at the centre explaining our values, how we operate and that membership is needed for insurance purposes will follow mid year
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